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Seminar "The 'auto' in 'auto'nomous, it is related to the co-pilot question"

On November, 19th at 9.00, Marc Proesmans (KU Leuven) will give an invited talk on "The 'auto' in 'auto'nomous, it is related to the co-pilot question". The event is organized as the third of a cycle of seminars on AI for Automotive, as part of the "Neural Network Computing, AI and Machine Learning for Automotive" and "Learning Algorithms for Smart Intelligent Systems" courses (Prof. Cucchiara, Baraldi) and will be streamed online.

The race to develop a fully self-driving car has been going on for a while. The field of participants is diverse: from hip tech companies to major car manufacturers, some are more reckless than others. We give an insight in our research and development on autonomous cars, the technical challenges, the technologies we use, but with an eye on the needs from the industry, the end-users, the safety and comfort.

Short bio
Marc Proesmans is a research associate within the Faculty of Engineering Science at KU Leuven, leading the TRACE team within the PSI Lab. He has extensive research experience on various aspects in image processing since the late ’80s. e.g. Early vision processes, 3D reconstruction, optical flow, stereo, structure from motion, recognition. He has been involved in several European research projects, on recognition and visual reconstruction for robotics and cultural heritage applications. He has been CTO for the KU Leuven spin-off company Eyetronics from 2000-2011, providing award winning technology in special effects for the movie and game industry: Golden Egg, Tech-Art, a European IST, tech. Oscar nomination, European seal of Excellence. Since 2015 he‘s leading the research on automotive driving as a Research expert, and co-founder and board member of TRACE vzw to drive the technology transfer from academia to the real R&D environment for autonomous driving in cooperation with Toyota.

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