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News ed eventi

Seminar "Safe, Interaction-Aware Decision Making and Control for Robot Autonomy", Prof. Marco Pavone

11-10-2021 · Evento

Seminar "Research in videogames: use of deep learning for saliency estimation and cheating prevention”

21-06-2021 · Evento

Seminar "The use of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry: products and processes"

28-11-2020 · Evento

Webinar NVIDIA AI Technology Centre Italy "explained"

24-11-2020 · Evento

Seminar "Deep Scene Perception without Labeled Data"

23-11-2020 · Evento

Seminar "The 'auto' in 'auto'nomous, it is related to the co-pilot question"

18-11-2020 · Evento

Seminar "Sportscar Vehicle Architecture: the starting point of conceiving a new car"

04-11-2020 · Evento

Seminar "Autonomous Driving: the missing piece"

26-10-2020 · Evento

"Machine Learning e Deep Learning": aperte le iscrizioni al corso teorico e pratico on-line da 48 ore

23-09-2020 · Evento

Webinar Applicazioni dell’Intelligenza Artificiale nei settori industriali: le tecnologie Machine learning e Deep learning

10-06-2020 · Evento

Webinar Applicazioni dell’intelligenza artificiale: le tecnologie Machine Learning e Deep Learning

15-05-2020 · Evento

NVAITC Webinar for the CINI community

05-05-2020 · Evento

Seminario "Large-scale multi-gpu training"

13-04-2020 · Evento

MORE AI - Inaugurazione NVIDIA AI Nation, CINI ed UNIMORE

11-12-2019 · Evento

Seminario "Computational aspects of deep reinforcement learning"

01-07-2019 · Evento

L'AI Academy ospita il primo NVIDIA Inception Day in Italia

26-05-2019 · Evento

Conferenza stampa di presentazione della AI Academy

14-05-2019 · News

Artificial Intelligence at UNIMORE: Countdown all'AI Academy

17-04-2019 · Evento